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Advertising on a Building

Digital billboards are automatically illuminated

A major concern some people have is that the lights will be too bright during the day and will negatively impact the visual appeal of the advertisement. Digital billboards are made with built-in light sensors, causing the lights to dim during the day, and brighten at night ensuring your advertisement will be seen 24/7 by all who come across it.


Digital ad space is cheaper than traditional billboards

With digital displays, there are no printing costs for any vinyl or other poster materials. The advertisement is simply an image that is displayed on a large screen, so there is no concern about printing quality or weather damage. Not only are you saving on printing costs, you are also saving on time.

Subway Billboard

Multiple advertisements for one company

Let’s say you have two events coming up and you would like to advertise both of them, but you only want them to appear in one location. With digital billboards, you can have two different ads appear back-to-back so you can promote both of the events and still hit the same market. offers one basic format of billboards: That format is digital.  

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Billboards are the most popular kind of Outdoor Advertising medium prominently used in India and the World. Billboards are also known as Hoardings in India and many other parts. Billboards are the huge boards with advertisements posted over a panel made of metal or wood.

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